Arts4All meeting, Riga 2014



Arts for all?
The role of arts schools in current society

Arts4all meeting: Sunday, 8th November to Tuesday, 10th November 2015, Diest, BE & Pre-Opening: Saturday, 7th to Sunday 8th November 2015, Mons, European Capital of Culture, BE

The last EU youth report has come to many positive results. The rate of youngsters between 15 and 29 years who reached higher education degrees, for example increased from 33.8% to 37.9%. Also are 82% taking part in social networks, 50% are members of organisations, 25% are engaged in voluntary work. On the other hand there are 13.7 Mio. youngsters in Europe who are neither in education nor in work. The risk of being unemployed for youngsters with migration backgrounds, health problems and lower education is 50% higher than it is for others in the same ages. The report states that those youngsters are also participating less in politics, culture and voluntary activities. It describes an increasing gap, which is connected with the European crises. There are well-educated youngsters, taking part in society on the one hand and on the other, there are young people with less chance to participate and to live the life they want to. Those young people are threated to be discriminated and marginalized.
Arts education strengthens the subject and helps children to find their own talents. Arts schools and centers of creativity as part of the infrastructure of arts education in Europe ensure cultural education for young people beside the formal school sectors. The societal changes stated above influence questions of participation, accessibility, educational goals, content, diversity politics, learning methods, cooperation partners and digital strategies of arts schools. Remembering the UNESCO development goals on arts education, we will ask, if our institutions are fit for contemporary challenges. What frame conditions do we need to support the right to learn arts for and with everybody on high levels of quality? What are good concepts and examples that might be able to be models for other art schools in Europe?
The voluntary pre-opening meeting in Mons, capital of culture 2015 will be connected with the youth exchange “I is another”, that had been developed within the Arts4all network. Youngsters from Mons, Brugge, Riga, Aachen and Munster will present their results after one week of art workshops. There will also be time to explore the Capital of Culture together.

Accomodation & Costs in Mons
7th November, 14.00 o’clock to 8th November 14.00 o’clock (train to Diest leaves 14.20)
There won’t be founding for the pre-opening in Mons. Hence, we ask you to take care for food, accommodation, entry fees and so on yourself. The journey from Mons to Diest (by train) is 7.60 Euro per Person.

Accomodation & Costs in Diest,
8th November, 17. 00 o’clock to 10th November, 14.00 o’clock
Thanks to a cooperation of several (art)schools and a socio-cultural organisation of Diest – coordinated by OVSG – we can accommodate you in host families in the center of the city of Diest, provide breakfast at host families, an opening dinner, sandwich lunches and conference drinks. There will be a voluntary visits program provided on Tuesday afternoon for those, who stay longer.
For the schedule in DIEST see:

Meeting Point for the Pre-Opening in Mons is on Saturday, 7th November, 14 o'clock at the reception of Les Auberge des Jeunesse, Rampe du Château 2.

70 participants at Arts4all meeting in Riga

70 representatives from eight different nations attended the last arts4all meeting from 3rd to 5th October 2014 at the new national library of Latvia "Castle of Light" in Riga, which has been built on the occasion of the European Capital of Culture Riga 2014. That was the highest number of participants since 2005, when the network had been established. Besides international lectures, best practice presentations and discussion about intercultural perspectives in European arts schools, participants discussed the European capital of culture Riga 2014 with program director Aiva Rozenberga, visited three arts schools in Riga and took part in 9th international children’s and youth art exhibition "stories of today" and it’s opening ceremony.

The conference "About wall and bridges. Arts education as intercultural education" had been organized by Maras Muižnieces Arts School Riga, the Federal Association of Youth Art Schools in Germany, the State Association of Youth Art Schools in  North Rhine-Westphalia and the Finnish Association of Art Schools for children and young people.

For the very first time, the Arts4all meeting also inspired the youth arts exchange project "Walls and Bridges. Stories of Love and Hate, Likes and Dislikes" of Arts Schools in Minster, Aachen and Riga. Founded by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and planned by the State Association of Youth Art Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia Latvian and German youngsters met in Hellenthal/Eifel and in Riga in order to work out together their likes and dislikes within different artistic disciplines.

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